What is this?

If you're reading this, I either sent you a link because it actually ended up working sort of, or you found it on google somehow which would be a nightmare, or you're a bot in which case please go

Ok now that the bots are gone here are some frequently (or more precisely, never) asked q's:

What is this?

It's the Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza (lotrplaza).... sort of... at least, as I remember it and/or lifted from WayBack machine site grabs. It's got all the Plaza features you crave:

1) It looks like it's from 2003
2) There's forums
3) I got most of the colours right
4) There are points for some reason
5) There are ranks and kingdoms which it turns it out is way harder to do than I thought and will almost surely break

Who are you?

Oh ya know just a guy who liked the Plaza

Why did you do this??

Good question

Well ok but what are you trying to achieve

My reasons, in order of how much they contributed to me making this, are:

1) To pass some time during quarantine
2) To see if I could do it
3) To give other people a little nostalgic kick if they occasionally feel the urge for one
4) As a place for plaza members to hang out, since I hate Facebook Groups with a deep passion

I have more questions

Look here, and ask away!